Let It Go!

 The longer I live, the more I realize who God is. Just when I thought I knew the power of God, I found out I didn’t know jack crap! Every day brings new issues. Every season brings new storms. Every stage of my life and the life of my children invites new levels of growth.

 I’ve been weathering a line of storms which are trying to shake my foundation, but because of past storms, I know not to lean to my own understanding, but to just let it go. It took me years to understand what ‘letting go’ meant. It doesn’t mean my storm will dry up and go away, but my peace in the storm will allow me to stand strong and keep my head up – this is letting go. It doesn’t mean the storm won’t be painful, but my faith in the storm will remind me of my Comforter – He wants me to let it go. It doesn’t mean I’m supposed to just sit and do nothing, but I’m to pray without ceasing and continually praise God through my storm – praise helps to let it go. My storm shouldn’t be magnified, but my storm should invite God to be magnified - this is letting go. 

I’m so thankful my foundation is anchored in God because as the fierce winds try to cause damage, my trust in God makes riding the storm easier. When I let go and let God have His way, peace finds its way to me – perfect peace.  To end my evening yesterday, I received a phone call from a friend in California. Low and behold, she was weathering a storm of her own. We talked, prayed, cried, and ended our conversation with a lot of laughter – this is letting go. There is a storm moving your way…prepare to let it go!