Not My Problem!

The number of couples I know experiencing turbulence in their marriage is astronomical. I know couples who have been together for more than thirty years that are going through, but there is one couple I know who has gone through more than their share of turbulent storms for many, many years and have finally come out of it – together. Talk about keeping hope alive! I’m taking a spiritual warfare class and the first thing I learned was… people are not my problem. Hmmm…so this man I’m living with, seeing every day, sleeping with every night, and getting on my nerves more than once a day is not my problem? WOW! 

It doesn’t matter if it’s marriage or not, it’s so easy to blame the person we see, but our problem goes so much deeper than the surface of the flesh. We believe in God and angels, but many Believers refuse to acknowledge there is another force out there that is familiar with our buttons of weaknesses and pushes them to get ungodly reactions from us – causing dilemmas and nuisances in our relationships…especially marriages. These unseen forces are our problem – not the people we see. Once we become aware our battle is spiritual and not a battle of the flesh, we’ll fight with the right weapons instead of sulking, judging, criticizing, or arguing.  Some who have been walking with God longer, won’t even notice the turbulence, but will be armed and ready for the storm before it begins. People are not our problem. 

I’ve known for many years that I don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but hearing it this way really hit home…. people are not my problem. Husbands, children, co-workers, neighbors, in-laws, church family, parents, etc…they are not our problem. This blows my mind each time I say it! As I walk through this day, surely someone will rub me the wrong way, but I’ll be reminded…they are not my problem!