Thank You!

Last night, Firstborn thanked his father and I for letting him drive all weekend. I, in turn, thanked him for being responsible, meeting his curfew, and checking in whenever he changed his location. I also told him it’s easy to hand him the car keys because of his obedience. I wondered if God is the same way. Although He blesses us in spite of our disobedience, I believe because we strive to obey, He not only meets our needs, but He’ll give us some of our selfish wants, too! Firstborn’s moment of thanks was a special moment for me. He didn’t have to thank us, but he did. We don’t have to thank God for all He does, but He appreciates it when we do. 

We have so much to be thankful for – oh, so much! Opening our eyes in the morning is just the beginning! Don’t forget the warm bed and clean sheets we slept on! Being able to place our feet on the floor and walk to the bathroom, being able to use the bathroom on our own, having the mind to dress ourselves and the use of our limbs to do so, having a choice of clothes and shoes to wear, and having a choice of food to eat! Think of all the cabinets we have to store food in our kitchen, and some may have a pantry and an extra freezer! Wow! We may have health issues, but we’re not in the hospital. We have a job and money. We have gas for our cars - we may stay close to an empty tank, but we get where we have to go. Thank you for family and peace of mind when they get on our nerves! Life may not be going like we want it to, but we have life! Whatever state we're in, let's be thankful! Thank God for Monday, and on that note, I thank God for you receiving the Monday Meditations and your love for Momsweb. Thank you!