Monday Meditation - No Guilt

Both my sons play basketball year-round, so a weekend without basketball is rare. Sunday, they both had to go separate ways, so Firstborn took one car and hubby and Secondborn took the other car. We don’t roll with three cars, so I was without transportation on Sunday. I felt guilty for not going to church, but later realized guilt was not the right emotion. Several questions crossed my mind…how many times did you miss forgiving someone this week? How many times did you miss showing compassion and love this week? How many times did you miss not judging this week? And I felt guilty about missing church? I laughed at my self-righteous and guilty feelings. 

I went through a stage when I was just going through the motions of going to church and feeling good because I went on a regular basis. God isn’t going to love me any more or any less by my sitting on the pew, but He sure wants me to worship Him – year round – every day of the year. I don’t want to get into that “going through the motions” slump again and forget how important it is to apply what I’m learning Sunday after Sunday, Wednesday after Wednesday. I’ve got so much church in me; my light should blind others before they approach me! I should be a shining example of what going to church will do for you! I was reminded – going to church is something I do, but worship is something I live – it’s a lifestyle. 

Many of you reading this don’t attend church on a regular basis or not at all. God doesn’t want your guilt; He wants your life, all of it – mind, body, and soul…not just on Sundays, but year-round! The boys’ year-round basketball gave me a wonderful life lesson and my Coach doesn’t want me to get comfortable sitting on the bench!