Hubby, come home!

Hubby was out of town this weekend and the boys EXHAUSTED me trying to negotiate rules! I have the utmost respect for single mothers. My home is different when hubby is here. When he says something, there are no questions asked! But noooo, they wanna wear me down and out! Whew! I'm glad it's over because I'm TIRED! I've never said this before, but I'm saying it today...."Wait til your father gets home!"

The good side of this is knowing they feel comfortable with me enough to plead their case. They know I'm not going to bite their head off.  When I grew up, I wasn't allowed to talk back AT ALL. My father had the nerve to tell me to let my sons express themselves. WHAT?!!  Man, you use to pull my lips and told me I was getting "wise" with you! Now you want me to allow my sons to have loose lips! LOL!

The transition from parent to grandparent is mind-blowing to me, truly it is.

Anyway, I'm reminded of the single mothers out there doing it alone and hats off to the fathers for your powerful presence in the home!