Have You Seen My Shorts?

I wash, dry, fold, hang, and put away all my husband's clothes. Do I take pride in this? Absolutely not. Oh yea, I pick up his dirty clothes and also place his dirty uniforms in his work laundry bag. It's my job, right? 

I know I touched a few nerves with that one...I touched my own nerves! 

Granted, I work from home while he's out "busting his butt," so the least I can do is his laundry, right? Well, I don't mind doing it - really I don't. Laundry is a small task in my eyes. After all, I don't literally wash anything - the washing machine does.

My reason for this post is a question I have. If a sock gets lost or a pair of shorts are misplaced, is it my fault? One day, hubby asked if I had seen his black shorts. In my mind, I said, "I don't wear your shorts, so no, I haven't seen them." Hubby heard me say, "No, I haven't." A couple of days later, he asked, "Did you find my shorts?" Before I realized it, I snapped and said, "I haven't been looking for them!" Was I supposed to look for his shorts? I'm sure a good wife would have - I guess I'm not if looking for shorts is a prerequisite for being a "good" wife.  The lost pair of shorts are not underwear shorts, but a nice pair of black casual wear shorts. Anyway....I asked him if he looked in the closet and the chair where I sometimes throw laundry until I feel like hanging it up. He said he looked eeeeverywhere! My curiosity got the best of me, so I got up from my computer with a big sigh and went on a hunt for the shorts. Low and behold, the first place I looked, there they were - neatly placed on the back of the chair with a bunch of other clothes waiting to be put in their proper place. I held them up and asked if they were the shorts he was looking for. He examined them and held them out to see the size (no one in the house wears his size) and said, "Wow, they must have just gotten there, because I looked there." Really? Whatever!

Sometimes I wonder if husbands purposely can't find the food in the refrigerator or a single sock, or a tie on purpose. They think it's the wife's job to keep up with the clothes THEY wear. Hmmm....if I pick them up, wash them, dry them, fold them, and hang them, should I keep up with the whereabouts of these said clothing items?

I don't think anyone has the answer, wives just do what we do and we do it because we do. Now that I have completely confused myself, I hear the dryer buzzer going off...there's laundry to fold and put away!