I heard a beautiful song yesterday while driving, and although it was a spiritual song, it reminded me of a mother’s love. The singer was thanking God for loving him through his good and his bad. I glanced at Firstborn and smiled. He is as sweet as he can be, yet he is a ripe teenager – full blown in teen essence. Firstborn’s rite of passage into his adult years is being used to groom me into a more loving person – not just a mother. 

It isn’t easy to love someone through their bad, but it’s possible. When someone has made unwise decisions and bad choices, judgment and criticism is automatic, but to show love often takes a minute. 

When I look back over my life at all my wrong doings, I can’t help but shake my head. I thank God my parents didn’t kill me when I was a teenager. I was sweet, but sneaky with a lot of mouth – my parents loved me through my bad. I thank God my husband hasn’t left me – I’m a good wife, but I’ve murdered hubby continually with my words and thoughts – he loves me through my bad. I thank God my few friends accept me for who I am – I hate the phone and I never call them – never.  Who am I to not love Firstborn or anyone else through their bad?  Love is patient and kind. Love is long suffering. Love bears and endures all things – ALL things…even the bad. Love goes against our natural reaction. I thought I knew what love was, but Firstborn is teaching me what love really is. It’s so easy to fuss, criticize, and get frustrated with others. Those reactions solve absolutely nothing, but love solves everything. Love never fails. Love conquers all.