Ghost Mama

Lately, most of my writing has been for other people who hire me and instead of my name being on the work, they get the credit for it; it’s called ghost writing. I get paid, but I don’t get public credit. I enjoy it and it helps pay the bills, but there have been a couple of pieces that I wanted to tell someone, “I wrote that!” 

This morning, I thought about my role as a wife and mother and how I sometimes feel like a ghost. Things get done around the house, but no one acknowledges who did it. Is it necessary to be recognized? No. Is it important? Not really. Would I like to be acknowledged for what I do? I’m human; of course I would…at least sometimes! Secondborn doesn’t put a fork to his mouth to eat without first saying, “Thank you, Mama.” It just warms my heart to hear his compassionate heart speak to me. I’ve been a mother for sixteen years and a wife for eighteen, so I know how to be a servant without kudos or awards – it’s what I do. 

Being a ghost mother or a ghost wife is a humbling journey. It helps to be reminded that what I do isn’t for acknowledgement, but I’ve been appointed - it’s my calling; there is a difference. God recognizes everything I do – everything. He knows the spirit in which I do it and He knows my heart. Mother’s Day has come and gone, but God still recognizes me each day. I am His special daughter chosen to care for the specific three people in my home. I’ve been entrusted to nurture them, love them, and most of all to be an example of Christ to them – serve them. Sometimes Miss Flesh gets in the way, but keeping my focus on God and not what I do keeps me grounded as a ghost.