I'll Fight For You!

 Seeing a child mistreated invites Miss Flesh to show up. Seeing my own child mistreated invites Miss Flesh to act a fool. A better way to say this is to say this mama bear does not play. Miss Flesh showed up this weekend during another basketball tournament. It’s something about that basketball court and me. Firstborn and one of the players from the opposing team grabbed the ball at the same time and tussled for it. It looked like the opponent gained possession of the ball and when Firstborn walked away, his opponent followed him. The next thing I knew, the referee was blowing his whistle and throwing Firstborn and the opponent out of the game. I went off – oops…I mean Miss Flesh showed up.  

 Before I knew it, Mama Bear stood up on her hind legs and started growling.  I let everyone know that was my child and I would protect him!  That night, I was assured that someone has my back that same way - my heavenly Father. He’s ready to fight all my battles. He told me no weapon formed against me will prosper. He always has my back and is ready to go to war for me at all times. The best part of this is His promise that I will always win – always. As long as I remain in the “secret place” and abide with Him, I’m safe! I’m sure the Lord’s love for me surpasses my love for my children, so I can’t imagine what He feels for me or the children he entrusted in my care. After all, He died for me! I can live my life knowing I’m covered and protected – all because Jesus loves me. Even when Miss Flesh shows up, I still win because my life lessons, through her, draw me closer to Him.

Firstborn is #12 in the blue uniform