Middle-Aged Midriff News!

 Having babies use to be my excuse for my little belly fat, but now that the boys are teenagers, I don't think that excuse is believable anymore. I've had many years to loose the baby fat, which has now settled into belly fat. Sigh...  My older sister told me years ago, it was just easier to put another baby in the sagging bag instead of trying to get rid of it. Well, I did that, but now that I'm approaching 50, I don't think putting a baby in my sagging bag is such a good idea anymore.

Much of the middle-aged mid section (nice name for it) is due to stress, lack of exercise, lack of fiber in the diet, or couch potato results.  I have a tall, slender frame, so to add a spare tire around my waist just doesn't look right - not to me. I'm not trying to please anyone, but I've never seen this on my body before - not to this extent, so I'm wondering where in the world it came from? It just slipped up on me! Hmmm...very strange.

Maybe the late night cookies and milk that I use to reward myself with for when I had a rough day in motherhood. Maybe for the second helpings I got at dinner that didn't seem to matter at the time. Maybe from the movie marathons with popcorn. Maybe from the many Snickers bars I had over the years that craved my hunger? Who knows, all I know is that the spare tire needs to go in the trunk...there is nothing back there! You know what I mean?

It's never too late to exercise and although I exercise on a regular basis, I obviously missed that part of my body. Unbelievable! You can try to run from the middle-aged mid section, but you can't hide NOR can you hide IT. sigh...