Spiritual Juice

The telephone was left off the charger all night, which meant I couldn’t speak with my prayer partner this morning; the phone had no juice. I found the phone right next to Firstborn, so I’m sure he fell asleep talking to his little girlfriend. I picked up the phone, placed it on the charger and noticed my laptop wasn’t plugged up. Amazingly, I didn’t have an immediate trash thought, but simply picked up my computer, retrieved the chord and plugged it in, which led me straight to my meditation room to plug into my own Power source.  I needed some juice – spiritual juice.

Today is the first day of summer vacation – everyone is home and everyone does something to irritate someone else. Little things have a way of pushing my buttons, but this morning I received my warning to prepare to be pushed. If I don’t recognize the little things as ploys to drive me batty, I’ll trip up and end up fussing all summer long. Miss Flesh has a lot of buttons, but when I stay plugged in to my Power source and remain fully charged, those buttons push me to pray instead of going off. Nothing is that serious – an uncharged phone, dead computer, refrigerator left open all night, falling asleep with the television on, dirty clothes on the floor, empty pitchers in the frig, trash overflowing, shoes in the floor, wet clothes left in the washer overnight, dirty dishes in the sink, etc… I say again, nothing is that serious…it’s all a ploy to trip me up.

 Miss Flesh has gotten better over the years – a lot better, but not being charged is an invitation for disaster! How’s your summer looking?  For those of you with adult children, you have another set of buttons to be pushed! We have a choice to not react to pushed buttons or to act like a fool, but only if we’re charged up! If not, we’ll be starving for spiritual juice! Have you had your juice today? Happy Monday, and stay charged up!