Can I Be Real?

 I chuckle when I respond to emails regarding the meditations and new readers are surprised to hear back from me. Momsweb isn’t a major corporation with employees filtering and answering emails. I answer emails right from my home laptop – usually between washing dishes, laundry, writing, and dealing with two teenaged boys. When I first started Momsweb, over eleven years ago, with the help of a few loving, volunteer moms, I had no idea I’d be reaching women from coast to coast, writing books, and I especially didn’t think I’d receive invitations to speak! Did I plan this? Absolutely not – I didn’t have a business plan, but I had a passion. My passion was simple – to help women, wives, and mothers in the daily challenges of life.  It’s no secret; I struggle with all three of these roles – daily.  I’ve been called to openly share my marital mess, my snap scenarios as a mother, and the challenge to not lose my SELF as a woman. 

Just because I love and live for Jesus doesn’t mean I don’t struggle walking with Him. What’s important is that I share my struggles and how I recognize the power of God within my struggles. This is my charge – to share myself, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows – to be real. Betty Winters, a very wise woman, wife, and mother who has several beneficial words on the Momsweb site, has  penned a phrase I now use – look into my life and learn from it.  I adopted her words as my mantra. It’s my reminder to be real.  How can you learn from my life if I give you a false impression?  Sometimes I hesitate to share my mess, but I’m reminded about my passion to help. It’s not about me, but about God using my mess to bless.  Have a REAL good Monday!