Can You Hear Him?

 My dreaded monthly cycle had me in bed all day Saturday. Sunday morning came and I wasn’t feeling any better, so I stayed home from church. I decided not to turn on any gospel music or watch any religious television. I didn’t want to hear anyone talk about God, I wanted to hear God.  I didn’t open my Bible or any devotional book, I just found a quiet place and reflected on the presence of God – I waited to hear from Him.  As my mind moved to a place of peace, my mind also tried to go other places and get busy, but I kept being drawn back to that peaceful place. It was a true battle in my mind to stay in that peaceful place. Each time I was drawn back, it was like God was whispering my name and asking for my time. He whispered and reminded me that my peace, guidance, comfort, and the answers I’ve been seeking were in that peaceful place. He whispered to remind me to keep coming to the peaceful place because His desire to spend time with me was greater than my desire to spend time with Him. Ouch!  

My mind entertains so many needless thoughts which obstruct God’s voice. I can never say God doesn’t speak to me, but I can say, I don’t hear God’s voice and that’s nobody’s fault except my own. It’s my choice to find that place o peace every day. It’s my choice to accept the invitations from His soft whispers – or not. I’m quick to plan a girl’s night out or a dinner date, but the benefits of sitting in the presence of God are by far greater. My Sunday was extra special. Not because of my quiet time with God, but because of His reminder of wanting to spend time with me. Shhhh…can you hear Him?