Where's The Milk?

Last night, I had a taste for a bowl of Raisin Bran. I finished exercising and thought cereal would be something light since it was 8:30 at night I looked forward to eating it in front of the television and watching something requiring no brain cells. I happily poured the cereal in one of my favorite bowls, got a spoon, and opened the refrigerator to get the milk. I didn’t see the milk. I yelled out, “Where’s the milk? The milk! Why is it when I get ready to eat something, it’s not here? Who drank the last of the milk?!” Firstborn quietly admitted he did, so I told him to at least take another gallon out of the freezer when he drinks the last of it. I acted like a baby wanting her bottle of milk. Without saying another word, I covered my bowl of cereal and placed it in the refrigerator. I walked into my bedroom to get ready for bed. I was…excuse my expression, but I was…pissed. 

I jumped in the shower and what did I do that for? The Holy Spirit immediately began chastising me for my behavior. With a kitchen full of food and more milk in the freezer, I was upset because I didn’t have milk. Okay, so I over reacted. I asked for forgiveness, but that wasn’t enough. I had to let the boys know my actions were wrong and how blessed we were to have a choice of what to eat plus some. I told them about the old saying, “Crying with a loaf of bread under your arm.”  I went to bed and realized I wasn’t hungry anyway…I just wanted to eat! This morning, when I opened the refrigerator and saw my cereal sitting there, I didn’t even want it anymore. I want oatmeal. It’s a blessing to have a choice! Stop crying for your milk!