Honey Do Wires

Everyone in the house is good about washing their dishes when they finish eating except hubby. I don’t know if he has a maid hidden in the house somewhere or if he thinks I’m the maid, but he doesn’t have a problem eating and leaving his dirty dishes in the sink. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll wash them sometimes and I really don’t mind washing them for him, but it wasn’t until this morning that I figured out what triggers the “honey-do” wires in his brain. This morning, as I walked by the kitchen, I noticed hubby was washing his dishes! Hmmm…what is it? He had a difficult time getting to sleep last night, so I was really surprised to see his “honey-do” wires activated so early in the morning. After a couple of minutes, I walked back by the kitchen and hubby had washed his dishes and a few more! 

I really wanted to know what triggered those wires, so I could make sure they’re sparked as needed in the future. I walked into our bedroom and was suddenly reminded… I helped hubby get to sleep last night. Let’s just say his physical needs were fulfilled. Sex is what triggers my husband’s “honey-do” wires, and may be the trigger for your hubby too! I shook my head in disgust as I thought about how men are motivated by sex. Good grief, you can surprise me with a fish sandwich from McDonald’s or some sushi and I’m at hubby’s beckoned call, but nooo, I gotta sweat for hubby to go above and beyond the call of duty!  This wasn’t a revelation for me, but definitely a reminder – when sex talks, men listen.  So, when the honey-do list isn’t checked off, I just need to check myself! Husbands don’t want to hear us talk (nag), so let’s let sex do the talking – loud and clear!