Are You Ready?

I looked out the window this morning expecting to see windy, rainy conditions since school was canceled. We’re under hurricane warning, but the weather has been so beautiful, it’s hard to imagine imminent storm conditions.  There are a lot of people watching and praying this morning - maybe not for spiritual reasons, but watching and praying in regards to the hurricane and trailing tornadoes. Regardless of where the hurricane hits, most people will prepare – just in case. 

The direction of hurricanes are unpredictable, so preparation is the key. I thought about being under storm watch as it relates to my own life – my spiritual life. I never know where a storm may hit, but one thing is guaranteed – another storm will hit in some area of my life. The direction and intensity of my storms always changes and there is always a calm before the storm, which has the tendency to trick me and allow the storm to catch me off guard. Instead, I need to prepare and have my ear and eye gates guarded and secure. Every aspect of my life needs to be covered with prayer and I need to have my storm gear on and stay battle ready. Because of past storms in my life, I know to watch and pray. The storms never come like I expect them to, but my prediction is always accurate – another storm is definitely headed my way. Hurricane and tornado watches are necessary, but spiritual watches are necessary also; they should not be discounted. You may not live in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac, but your life is in a direct path of getting hit by a storm. Are you ready? If not, it’s time to prepare! Have a marvelous Monday and I now place you under storm watch; get ready!