Right One For The Job

Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have spent a lot of time attempting to convince America they are the right man for the job. Besides a job interview, I can’t imagine having to convince anyone on such a large scale that I’m capable of doing anything. I choose to believe I was placed in every position/role I hold because my Heavenly Father created me with the qualifications to fulfill it. He also empowered me with the strength and endurance to handle the issues and people linked with my positions. I didn’t have to campaign; I had to commit. I didn’t have to belittle anyone else; I had to believe. I didn’t have to hope to be appointed; I was anointed. Think about it. If we allow God to be the Master of our life and order our steps, He has already planned our path for us.

I was hand-picked for the Momsweb ministry. Before I was formed in my mother’s womb, God knew I would write these weekly meditations. I didn’t have to apply; I had to be available. You were strategically designed to fill the seat you’re sitting in right now along with all the attitudes and personalities surrounding you. Funny isn’t it? Surely, God didn’t plan those challenges just for you! Oh yes He did! We are all equipped with everything we need to endure our positions. Even as wives and mothers, we were custom designed to nurture our distinctive home with our unique children and to help our special husbands. 

You couldn’t pay me to run for President of the United States. I wasn’t designed with the desire or the mental capability. I am the right woman for my job and you are the right woman for yours. Fill your position proudly and may God bless the United States of America!