Did You Choose to Snooze?

  I befriended the snooze button this morning; I wasn’t feeling the “before the chickens” early rising. After pressing the snooze button twice, I thought about the Proverbs 31 woman and jumped up. I didn’t jump up because I wanted to be like her, I jumped up because I knew entertaining the snooze button would put me behind in my many Monday morning tasks and I would later regret it. 

When I finally got up and going, I remembered today is my oldest niece’s birthday; she’s fifteen years old today. I remember her being a butter ball baby and now she’s a lovely young lady wearing contact lenses that she begged a long time for. She even has an amazing singing voice that surprised the entire family because she’s always been so quiet. She barely talked and now she’s serenading us with notes we’ve never heard before. Her first fifteen years flew by and in another fifteen years, she’ll be thirty!

My niece’s first fifteen years of life invited thoughts of the snooze button of life. I can choose to snooze or I can relish in the quick minutes of life and use my time wisely. Procrastination can be haunting. If I bottled up all the time I’ve wasted or snoozed away, I probably wouldn’t believe it. 

Age has a way of reminding us of how quickly life goes by. If you don’t believe it, watch a child grow up. It’s unbelievable how quickly we grow up and grow old. Snooze? I don’t have enough time left in my life to choose to snooze! I need to get busy and seize every moment. I thank my sweet niece for this reminder of life and I pray she doesn’t choose to snooze her life away. 

 May this post be another reminder to seize the moments instead of snoozing them away.