Slow Down!

Firstborn and I were standing in a self-checkout lane yesterday and although our line was shorter than others, it was moving extremely slow. The machines kept locking up, which meant customers were becoming agitated. I thought I was going to rush in and rush out, but NOT! 

The lady behind us was growing impatient and verbally trying to process the long wait. We even heard her say, “You gotta have patience.”  As soon as we got to the register, Firstborn said, “Slow down.” He didn’t want us to lock the machine up and be held up. I thanked him and we proceeded with our two items. 

Almost immediately, we heard an extremely loud bang that startled us and everyone around us.  We looked up and noticed the woman behind us had walked into an emergency exit door, shattered it, and fell out. 

We don’t know how badly she was hurt, but she wasn’t moving. We both stood in shock as store employees rushed to her assistance and called for help. We finished our checkout, without the machine locking up, and passed by the lady on the floor. The lady was in a hurry to go somewhere, but was going nowhere. Life is the same way. No matter how much we rush, everything happens in its own time and we have no control. We grow anxious for certain days to come and can’t wait for other days to pass by. We watch the clock, can’t wait for red lights to change, and look forward to uncomfortable seasons in our life to pass by – not knowing what’s ahead of us.  We’re only rushing our life away.  Aren’t they passing by quickly enough on their own? The lady behind us was obviously rushing; but her next few minutes in life weren’t worth the rush. 

For the love of life, slow down! What’s the hurry?