Don't Get Too Comfortable!

Saturday, December 1st, was an extremely warm day in my city. We were able to put away our extra layers of clothing, get comfortable, and enjoy the summer-like weather. I had an amazing revelation with this beautiful weather. The same environment that I was enjoying is the same environment that I must protect myself from as the outside elements attempt to destroy my skin, my cells, and my overall health. Regardless of the temperature, I need to be aware of the elements and guard myself. My spiritual life is no different. Even when everything is going smoothly and my days are peaceful, I better not get too comfortable with my environment. I better stay covered in prayer and ensure my armour is intact as if I’m going through a storm. The weather is tricky and so is Miss Flesh. She will sneak up on me when I least expect her and it’s usually in my most comfortable, summer-like days when I put away that extra layer of clothing and get relaxed. Stay covered, laVender!

I was reminded to pray without ceasing and to watch and pray. I was also reminded how crafty and conniving the adversary is. Whether I notice it or not, there is always a struggle going on in my spiritual and natural life. A good example of this is a well- manicured lawn. We notice the beauty of it, but we’re clueless to the war going on beneath the surface. Bugs and so many different forms of insects are scuffling for food, space, and their life. They are protecting their young, seeking safety, and rebuilding what man continues to destroy. Isn’t that something? Our life is the same, so let’s go ahead and enjoy our peaceful, summer-like days, but let’s not forget to watch and pray! The temperature can change at any time.