Don't Mess With Mama Bear!

It's difficult to explain what a mother feels when her child has been mistreated, abused, or even ignored. A fighting instinct surfaces that is sometimes hard to control. I often use the term, Mama Bear, because it perfectly describes how mothers protect their cubs; they will KILL before they allow their cub to be harmed.

For the past few months, anger has stirred within me and I knew I needed to channel that negative energy into something positive in order to move on with my life and bury the bitterness. Firstborn was wrongly accused and kicked off his football team, and finding the good in that was more than difficult, but I was eventually led to speak up and out for not only Firstborn for all youth in athletics.

I now have more peace of mind regarding this situation, which is a sign that I'm doing the right thing. I had to take a stand before I fell into a pit of pity, revenge, and hate. Yes, I was that angry! Don't mess with my children!

Please visit the site I created to share awareness of mistreatment in sports. It's titled, Your Loss