Home Inauguration

 Any man or woman has got to really love the job of president to look forward to a second term. Hard work, long hours, and little appreciation aren’t things the average bear would look forward to. As I thought about the inauguration, I wondered if the president is as full of drive, passion, and determination as he was four years ago. I then thought about my position in my home. Am I full of the same drive, passion, and determination that I had when I first said “I do” and when my little bundles of joy were first placed in my arms? Do I have the same zeal or have I become weary? Women may not get the pomp and circumstance or the big celebrations as the presidential inauguration does, but our role definitely deserves celebration and recognition. Oftentimes, I get so busy fulfilling my roles that I forget how fulfilling my roles are to me. I’ve let circumstances steal my joy instead of counting it all joy. I’ve focused on what was wrong instead of finding the good. A home inauguration can serve as a renewal of the passion I may have lost in the roles I have in my home and a reminder of the most providential and influential job ever – that of being a mother.  Whether we work inside or outside the home, we are all homemakers and we may not have been appointed, but we’re definitely anointed for our positions. Today is a good day to step back and take a look at what we’ve done in the past and what we can improve on as wives, and mothers. Instead of concentrating on the white house, let’s reflect on the dynamics of our own house! I’m having a home inauguration today. Congratulations, President Obama. You’ve got some hard work ahead, yet so do I.