Make It Better

 Did I mention I had my nursing degree? I realized last night I have more than enough hours; and you probably do also! Add up the number of hours your husband and/or children have come to you with aches and pains and you nursed them. I’ve been a mother for seventeen years and a wife for nineteen, which gives me a total of thirty six years in adult and child health care. I’ll let you figure out the hours.

Yesterday, I dealt with knees, bones, toenails, and acne. From a pimple on the behind to pimples on the face, and from stomach aches to heartaches, I’m expected to make it better. The confidence my family has in me is amazing; they actually think I know what I’m doing. If they only knew that I completely depend on my own concoctions mixed with the Holy Spirit.

Although I often nurse my own aches and pains, there is a pain I’ve neglected for years - emotional pain. Past hurts and heartaches have kept my mind and heart in bondage until I recently cried out to God to make it better. My ability to hold on to stuff created a hold on me that Miss Flesh was enjoying. That stuff took up mental space and started to grow cob webs, which captured bits and pieces of bitterness and cluttered my mind. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I ran to the throne of mercy like my sons ran to me when they were little with their bruises and scratched up knees.

Women are emotional beings, but we don’t have to carry emotional baggage. God can make it better; I’m a witness. Just as this is a new Monday, God can give us a new emotional start and help us to live in today’s promises and not in the pains of the past. Run to God and cry out to Him. Expect Him to make it better like our family expects us to.

Have a marvelous Monday, nursemaids!