Monday Meditation

I’m so thankful it’s Spring Break...oh, so thankful! It may be a time for teachers and students to take a break, but I need one, too. No asking about or helping with homework, checking grades, emailing teachers, or cooking breakfast. I don’t care if the boys sleep until noon – I need a break. I stayed up all night last night trying to meet some writing deadlines, and this morning I wanted to jump right on my laptop and start writing again, but that very quiet voice got my attention. I may need a break from my routine, but I can’t afford to take a break from having intimate time with my God. 

Every morning, I awake extra early to establish my connection with my Power Source, so just because we’re on Spring Break is no excuse not to continue that meditation time. The boys also read scripture and pray every morning before they leave for school, so I can’t afford to let them get comfortable either. It’s so easy to forget about the One who gives us life to live our life. It’s so easy to forget about the One who gives us the ability to inhale and exhale while we run around busy and out of breath.

 I’m so happy I was reminded that Spring Break doesn’t mean a break from God. How about you? Did you establish your connection with your power source this morning, or did you jump right into your day without Him? It doesn’t matter if we’re on vacation or if we have a lot going on in our lives or not, we have no power unless we establish our connection. Even in the middle of the day, if I feel agitated or easily upset about little things, it’s a sign to check my connection because I have a tendency to get disconnected. I got my reminder this morning, so this is yours. Have a marvelous Monday and stay connected!