In Good Hands

I call Firstborn’s female friend a sweet distraction because that is exactly what she is – she’s as sweet as pie, yet she is definitely a distraction for his sports-filled life and with graduation on the horizon.  We traveled out of town this weekend and she traveled with us; her mother knew she was in good hands. Having two teenagers of the opposite sex in my care was no joke. I watched sweet distraction like a hawk. We even slept in the same room together and I kept waking up to make sure she was in the bed across from me and not tipping out to meet Firstborn. 

Teenagers are very creative, so I had my spy antennas on the entire weekend and was cautious of their every move – more than I am with my own children. I assured sweet distraction’s mother that her daughter was in good hands, and I kept my word. Even while the two were sitting watching television, I kept eyeing them and making sure they didn’t get “too comfortable.” Well, the weekend is over and sweet distraction is back in the care of her mother – safe and sound.   

My weekend reminded me of how God watches over me – even when I sleep. Talk about being in good hands! I’m not talking about Allstate insurance either; I’m talking about an almighty, all-knowing God watching every move I make and ensuring my every step is secure. He goes before me and prepares my path. He even tells me to follow Him to prevent making the wrong moves. He never takes his eyes off of me, He never sleeps, and He definitely doesn’t get tired of watching me as I grew weary of watching the love birds. Today is a new Monday, and although we don’t know what’s ahead of us, we know we’re all in… GOOD HANDS!