Helping Hand

 Firstborn is preparing for college, but I’m doing all the work - ALL the work. I don’t know if he thinks I’m his secretary or if he thinks I’m supposed to be doing everything, but I am. From finding scholarships, to financial aid forms, I’m doing it all. Well, he did take his own ACT test, so I have to give him credit for that. It’s a lot of work and although he has a college recruiting him for sports, it’s still a lot of behind the scenes work. 

Last night, I was trying to send his ACT score to another college and for some reason, after several attempts, I couldn’t get the online request to work. I asked Firstborn to try and he did – once. Really? I wanted to fuss, but instead the Lord fussed at me. He chastised me how many behind the scene acts He does for me. The Lord always has my back, and He always makes a way for me. Even when I don’t see Him working, He’s working things out, moving things around, and putting things in place for me. He even goes before me and prepares the path for my future. 

Yes, God went there with me. I felt bad as I looked at Firstborn on the floor texting – completely unaware of what was going on. My Heavenly Father takes such good care of me without reservation or hesitation. He leads me with a loving hand and a quiet voice, and corrects me with mercy. No, I’m not Jesus, but He told me to strive to be like Him. I help people all the time, so I need to remember my first ministry is in my home.  Firstborn will be gone soon, so I must do my part and help prepare His path. After all, God is still preparing mine! Help beings at home!