Bible Study Anyone?

I did something last week that I’ve never done before. I’ve been thirsty for a Bible Study group, so I asked a woman who is knowledgeable of the Bible to open her home and lead a Bible Study. I’ve always felt a connection with this woman, so I was even bold enough to request she hold it on a Saturday because week days wouldn’t work. I went a little further and requested if she could do it early, so my Saturday schedule wouldn’t interfere. Not only was this wonderful woman willing, but she said I could bring someone. 

When I asked her what time, she granted my wish and scheduled it early – six a.m. early. Uh…okay. I didn’t even bother asking anyone to come with me. I take no credit for requesting this early morning Bible study; it was planted in my spirit. Sunday school is good, but not enough. With so many changes going on in my life, I need to know, experience, and recognize God within my changes at an optimum level. I study the scriptures, but there is no discussion; it’s just me. 

I wasn’t bold enough to request the book I wanted her to incorporate in the study, but guess what? When I arrived at the willing woman’s home, fifteen minutes late, she joyfully welcomed me and guess what she showed me? She had the exact book I wanted to request, Experiencing God! I knew this was not a coincidence, but a God incident.  All I can say is that I can’t wait for the next one. Yes, six a.m. is early, but don’t we find time to do everything else we want to do? 

I’m tired of my own excuses and I’m sure God is, too.  As it turns out, it wasn’t me making bold requests, but God is requesting a few things of me.  How about you? Is God making any requests of you?