Why Now?

I recently had a conversation with someone, and it ended with the question, “Why now?” We both had a few things going on and wondered what was so special about right now that God would allow a particular circumstance to change or unfold. I can’t speak for anyone else, but God seems to shake my life up when I least expect it – when things seem to be going okay or when the waters aren’t so choppy. When I think I need a screwdriver, He’ll throw me a wrench. I’ve even asked why now regarding my new career. Why not when my finances were no finances and I was robbing Peter and not paying Paul? Why now? Why does my computer act up when I’m working on a deadline? Why is my family most needy when I’m working on a project?

To try to figure God out is a waste of time. His thoughts and ways are not ours, and His timing definitely isn’t ours. I have to remind myself that everything is not about me, so I shouldn’t even entertain the question, why now. There are other people sharing the air I breathe and existing in this big world I live in. I have to get out of my selfish shell and stop asking what God’s will is for my life, and simply seek His will – period. Me, me, me…everything is not about me! I get sick of being stuck on self, but I’m thankful for the gentle nudge back into reality. The circumstances surrounding me are also influencing the lives of those surrounding me. So, why now? Because God said so! Sounds just like something a parent would say, doesn’t it?

Whatever happens today, let’s remember that God’s plans are more strategically thought out than our plans, and there is always a bigger picture we can’t see.