What Am I?

  Labels...if you know anything about me, you know I dislike the labels placed on moms. We probably place them on ourselves, but you know what I mean - Stay at Home Mom, Working Mom, Work at Home Mom, Part Time Mom, Soccer Mom, Homeschooling Mom, Lazy Mom, Type A Mom, etc...

I believe I've held a few of those labels, but I'm up in the air now. I home schooled both my boys, sent them to public school their high school years. Firstborn is now a Freshmen in college and Secondborn is a sophomore in high school. I haven't worked outside the home since I retired from the USN twelve years ago. Am I still a Stay At Home Mom with a Freshman in college? Since I previously home schooled, am I now considered a retired home school mom? When do I switch labels and what will I be when Secondborn graduates from high school? Surely not a stay at home mom, right?

Wait a minute, I'm a writer, so where does that fit in? Am I a Stay at Home / Work at Home Mom? Would that be considered a SAHWAHM? Sounds really important doesn't it? That label could be considered a high profile mother. LOL!

The whole name game is ridiculous! Why do we need to be put in a box that we will eventually outgrow? . Being a mother covers all seasons of motherhood and the journey of our children from newborn to college level young adults. Regardless of where our children are in life, we will never stop being their Mother and that's the joy of motherhood!