I Won! World's Best Mom


I had no idea I was the world’s best mom, but I am! I’m simply elated and happy as HELLman’s mayonnaise! I found out about my prestigious title while at the gym recently. I was walking on the treadmill at a speed of 3.2 and incline of 3.0, and going nowhere fast. One of the early morning shows was on and some man was being interviewed for his homemade lasagna. Oh, excuse me, his WORLD’S BEST lasagna. This once unknown man made national news all because he titled his lasagna the world’s best and shared his recipe on the Internet. Cooks from all over the world tried his recipe and loved it. His fame and fortune is a result of him simply thinking his lasagna was the best and believing in it.

I’m not trying to obtain fame or fortune or gain national media attention, but I do attempt to do the best I can as a mother to my two sons. I don’t try to be the best of all mothers, but I do give my personal best. Being a mother is the most challenging and rewarding role in the world and I’m one of them. This, in itself, is an honor.  

Guess what? Just in case no one has informed you, you too, are the world’s best mother! Yes, you are! If you think you are; you are, so congratulations to you! Best doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but it means we are perfectly imperfect and that we acknowledge our shortcomings and our inadequacies as a mother. Being the best means we love our children unconditionally in spite of the times they get on our last nerve. Best means we mother our children endlessly in spite of feeling sick, tired, or sick and tired. Best means being the best at what we do knowing darn well that most of the time we don’t have a clue about what we’re doing. Best means loving the children entrusted in our care even when we don’t always feel loved back. Best means not caring what anyone else says or thinks, in your mind, you are the WORLD’S BEST MOM for your children and no one can do your job quite like you.

Again, congratulations and let's enjoy our invisible award!