Stinky Advice

Why are you doing this? Maybe you should do that. Don’t fight that battle…

These are just a few comments I’ve received as I’ve lived my life, but lately, taking heed to what others say isn’t important, but hearing God’s voice and trusting Him is. Nothing God leads me to do makes sense to me, so I don’t expect anyone else to understand my actions. When I begin to listen to others, I compromise and doubt God’s voice.

Yes, God can speak through others, yet I still must recognize His voice. Call me crazy, strange, or even a radical in life, but I know my God’s voice, and it has never led me wrong - never. My father told me advice is like old fish and sour milk; it stinks and nobody wants it. It’s so easy to give someone else advice about their life, but when we look at our own life, it’s close to being messed up from the floor up. The best advice is to direct the person to the one and only Counselor.

Hearing God’s voice is the key; and trusting His voice unlocks the doors to making confident choices regardless of what other voices are saying. It’s not easy following a voice that doesn’t make sense, but with each decision I trust God with makes the next decision easier. His ways and thoughts are not ours, which is a clear indication our choices are wrong if we aren’t Spirit-led. We’re instructed to not lean to our own understanding, but to acknowledge Him in all our ways. Now that’s good advice!

I’d like to invite you to read about a choice I had to make regarding Secondborn’s life. It happened 15 years ago, yet reminds me of how crucial listening to God’s voice is.

Don’t make choices based on stinky advice; listen to God’s Voice!