Big Mistake?

While watching Secondborn’s basketball game Saturday night, I spoke with a parent that mentioned transferring his son to his present school was the worst mistake he ever made. I reminded this parent of our first meeting when he told me he was led to transfer his son to the school. Isn’t it funny when things don’t go our way, we think we’ve made a mistake? God doesn’t make mistakes; and He sure doesn’t promise us a life of roses without thorns. I would not have been able to share with the parent if I had not been in a similar situation.

When I look back, through my brown, carnal eyes, certain situations seem like a living hell, but when I look at that same situation through spiritual eyes, I’m convinced God was in control. We desire a comfortable life of joy, peace, and happiness, but what would we learn? We’d be in a sad state of blissful ignorance. I know I would! When I fall on challenging times, life lessons are revealed and wisdom is delivered. My life definitely has not turned out the way I thought it would. My marriage, finances, relationships, career, and even my self have me wondering if I’ve made some mistakes, but believing that God is in control and knows what’s best for me allows me to be content – in whatever state I’m in.

God knows how high my mountains need to be, how low my valleys will go, and exactly when to bring me out of my wilderness. My life isn’t about what I want to do, but about what God wants to do through me and with me; my life is not my own. Mistakes? No. Master plan? Yes. Having the right perspective allows me to embrace this new year, one day at a time, and all God has planned for me.

Being a mother calls for making decisions for ourselves, our children, and sometimes even our husband. The worse thing to do is depend on your own thoughts and ideas. I believe prayer is the key to making good choices. When you're at peace with your decision, that's a sign that you're going in the right direction.