My Performance Enhancer

Performance enhancers? I really don’t see anything wrong with them; I take an enhancer everyday. I decided to come clean and expose myself after watching 60 Minutes and the segment on MLB’S A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is under investigation for the use of illegal performance enhancers. Okay, so my enhancers may not be illegal, but I don’t miss a day without a daily dose. 

My enhancer is a powder, I mean a power that is supernatural and is called HS. Not only does HS enhance my performance all day every day, but without my daily dose, I work well beneath my full potential. I have to admit, sometimes during the busyness of my day I forget to stay tapped into my performance enhancer and find myself working in my own power, but the amazing thing about HS is the personal reminder of a refresher dose! So, instead of becoming spiritually drained and physically unglued, I simply tap into my enhancer and I’m back on track. Some enhancers are addicting, and so is mine, but over-dosage isn’t possible, so no harm will come to my body. 

HS is unbelievably potent; and I have yet to take the recommended dosage, and I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it’s fear, or if I think I’m working well enough with my daily comfort dosage.  I know I have yet to scrape the surface of experiencing the full power of HS, but I think I’m ready. I’m ready for optimum performance! How about you? Do you need a boost in your daily strength, energy, and power? Are you tired of living a life of mediocrity? HS is available to anyone. It’s free, and completely legal. There’s even a guaranteed promise of high performance! 

The full name of HS is Holy Spirit. Mix it with faith and obedience and watch your life change. Have a marvelous, enhanced day!