The Sarge In Me

Friday evening, I asked Secondborn if he finished reading his book for a project due this morning. He told me he had a few pages to go. I was surprised because Secondborn doesn’t like to read. Secondborn’s answer didn’t settle well with this mama. The title of the book is, Bucking the Sarge, so I asked him who Sarge was. He said it was a lady. I asked what branch of the military she was in. He said he didn’t know. This mama knew Secondborn didn’t read his book. I finally got him to admit his “few pages” were actually over one hundred pages. Nevertheless, Secondborn was on lockdown, and we spent the entire weekend reading to each other. His project was to create a game based on the book, so he named his game, Sargeisms. 

By the way, Sarge was not only a lady, but a mean, cold, in-your-face, rich mother whose son’s friends mocked her ways and words for fun; they were also afraid of her. Hmmm…am I anything like Sarge? I told Secondborn he would thank me later for making him buckle down and read the book. Sometimes a mother has to be a Sarge and do what’s necessary. Our children may dislike us for our decisions, but will appreciate us later. Children, from toddlers to teenagers, sometimes need a Sarge to help set priorities, focus, and to do the right thing. 

As mothers, we have to stay on top of our children, behind them, and in front of them. Sarge’s son ended up taking all her money and leaving the city; Sarge was tough. Hmmm…was the book for me? Well, I enjoyed it and the ending reminded me that when I turn into Sarge, to always show love in my actions – it makes a difference. There can be a sensitive, sensible side to the Sarge in me, too!