Who Is That?

Years ago, when Firstborn was just a toddler, I remember pointing at the television, and asking him who the person on the screen was. Firstborn’s reply, with amazement in his eyes, was, “Jesus!”  Of course he had never seen Jesus or even a fictitious picture of him, but he associated the person with Jesus because Jesus was the only conversation Firstborn ever heard from this person.  This “Jesus” was my previous pastor in San Diego, California, Pastor Timothy J. Winters, who went home to be with the Lord over the weekend. Since I heard of his passing, I keep thinking about Firstborn’s association with this great man of God. Wouldn’t it be nice to be associated with such a loving person as Jesus? 

I wonder who I’m associated with? I laugh when I think about this because my walk is far from being like Jesus – more like the wicked witch of the East. Pastor Winters was, without a doubt, a true servant and friend of God’s. He wasn’t a perfect man, but he strived for perfection and his walk was so focused that it inspired others to follow Jesus’ example also. Pastor Winters’ words frequently rewind in my head as they obviously did for my young toddler so many years ago. Hmmm…what words do I leave for others to marinate on? Pastor Winters gave me pre-marital counseling, and financial teaching every first Sunday, but most of all, he taught Jesus in his expository style of preaching. Pastor Winters recently retired, but his words are still working.

Think about it…regardless if we use our words to gripe or gossip or to encourage and edify, the words we choose will go before us and define our character, and linger on after we’re long gone. We are what we speak! Thank you, Pastor Winters for not compromising your words or worship. Your legacy lives on.