It’s been a while since I traveled to Alabama to see my family, so Secondborn and I hit the highway this weekend. As usual, I noticed the beautiful, colorful trees lining the highway, but this time I pointed the beauty out to Secondborn. I didn’t want him to miss what I was seeing. I wanted him to take notice of the changing of colors and seasons in the beautiful trees. I related awareness of the trees to awareness of life.  We can continue to drive by the trees and focus on our destination, but we’ll miss the beauty the trees behold. Life is the same. I can continue focusing on my goals, dreams, and desires and miss the beauty of life happening all around me – the changing seasons of life, and the lessons and beauty they hold. 
Even today as I drive within my city, I should focus more on my journey rather than my destination. Most of the time, I’m rushed, so beauty isn’t on my mind, but getting where I have to go is; therefore, I miss my journey.  If I’m not careful, I’ll miss the journey of life by rushing to always meet the demands of others or feeling like my life is not fulfilled. It’s so easy to fill life with meaningless events. Life is fulfilled when we fill it with the One who created it! He is the source of our joy and fulfillment – nothing and nobody else can fulfill us like He can. I hear older people say all the time, “Life passed me by.” This is scary; I don’t want life to pass me by. Life is like a vapor – here one minute and gone the next. Let’s embrace this quickly-disappearing vapor called life. Let’s slow down and look at life happening all around us. Let’s recognize the journey – not the destination.