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I’ve said many times that I wanted to move to the mountains. I’ve expressed how I get my strength from solitude, and since Secondborn is graduating from high school soon, I recently told a friend I wanted to move to a place where nobody knew my name. She quickly said, without hesitation, “That’s what you don’t need to do.”  

I’ve always known I was somewhat of a hermit, but this friend told me I was close to becoming a recluse. I looked up recluse and found - a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people - synonym: hermit. I’ve always been an introvert, but this friend said I  was taking it to another level – a disappearing act. My love for solitude isn’t the focus of this meditation, but having an honest friend is. We don’t always see ourselves with objective eyes, so having a bold and honest friend who doesn’t selfishly look out for themselves in the friendship is a treasure.

I didn’t debate or defend myself – I listened. Her wise counsel and sound reasoning allowed me to hear from God. Women vent, so it’s important we vent to those sent by God. God sends friends for a season and some for a lifetime, and that’s His choice not an emotional choice. Life happens and He knows exactly who we need on our journey. Some will walk with us until we die and others walk with us through various storms. 

Treasure your friends and enjoy the journey with them. Let them know you treasure them. This particular friend I spoke to happens to be my baby sister, and I thank God she’s bold enough to tell me when I’m crazy and off track – only a friend will do this. I don’t use the word, friend, lightly because there’s not a friend like Jesus – no not one!