Home Is...

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I think about all the flooding and fires going on in the world, and can’t imagine going through anything like that. Yes, I’ve been in a hurricane and lost power, but that was a piece of cake compared to what others are enduring. Can you imagine having to evacuate your home and not knowing if it’ll be burned to the grown or not? Can you imagine seeing waters rise and flooding your only source of transportation and the home with all your possessions you’ve worked all your life for?

This morning, while thanking God for His mercy on my life, I was reminded that this is not my home. I’m just a pilgrim passing through. I was also reminded that my material belongings shouldn’t matter so much to me, and I should have a very light hold on all of it.  What’s important is knowing God will protect me through whatever I have to endure. Of course, I’d be a fool to not lock my apartment door every morning when I leave, but it’s not the lock that’s protecting my possessions! Thank you, Lord for always reminding me that You are my Keeper! You are my Protector! You are my Watchman! You are the source of everything I have – even my children that I love and watch over with Mama Bear protective eyes. 

Putting things in perspective takes away worry, and when storms or floods rise, I can focus on God and not my goods. It’s so easy to forget who is in control, but I’m thankful for those nudges that bring me back home and safe where I belong - under God’s covering and protection. Home really is where the heart is, and my heart belongs to my Heavenly Father.