Follow Your Hunch!

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Yesterday, Secondborn and I traveled to Alabama and I had a hunch to look for a horse ranch or stables. I managed to find a boarding stable nestled on a back road. The owners owned 132 acres and took us on a tour. It was simply beautiful. I was in heaven! The owner said it was her “spiritual place.” Secondborn said to me, “Mama, you act like you already have a horse.” I told him I planned to buy one or two. Our conversation led to the power of visualization. Yes, I act like I have horses already. I also act like I have a healthy bank account, which will allow me to care for my horses. 

My love for horses didn’t happen overnight. When the boys were little and enjoying attending parades. I would get so excited when the horses walked down the middle of the street. My face would light up like a child at Christmas. Maybe this is my season for horses. Whatever season it is, I’m not fighting it. I’m following my horse trail in faith. I believe hunches are spiritual directions. There have been too many instances in my life when I’ve ignored a hunch and wished I had gone here or there or done this or that. My hunch to take my first riding lesson led me to volunteering to care for several horses, which I’m now realizing is preparing me to take care of my own horses one day. 

Have you ever had a hunch, a gut feeling, woman’s intuition, or a nudge? Call it what you want, but when we are Christ controlled and maintain our poise of being spiritually connected, we can’t go wrong when we follow those spiritual directions. I’m happy I followed mine yesterday in Alabama because the owner is not the only one who will own a “spiritual place.”