Are You Programmed?

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At 5:30 am Sunday morning, Secondborn and I were on our way to work at the radio station. Of course, Gospel music was playing on the radio since it was Sunday. Radio stations have the capability of setting the mood for listeners. The power is with the station program director who programs the music each day. I wondered if I was subconsciously programmed by someone or something to act and react a certain way. Society perhaps? The weather? People? My emotions? My past? I wondered if I allow outside circumstances affect my inner peace. Have I allowed the state of the nation to shake my foundation? Have I allowed my children or finances to unravel my peace of mind? 

For whatever reason my mind was in fifth gear at 5:30 in the morning, I was thankful. The thoughts of being programmed prompted a little self-evaluation. Am I steadfast and unmovable in my ways and thoughts? Do I acknowledge Christ in all my ways or do I lean to my own understanding? Do I react to daily circumstances by leaning to my own understanding? Do I stand firm on my foundation of faith or do I move with every gesture of society? Do I go with the flow of friends and family? 

I don’t want to be conformed to the world, but it’s easy to do. Change the radio station or the television station a few times and see how easy it is to react. Yes, it’s human nature, but we’re spiritual beings. My 5:30 am thoughts reminded me that my poise of prayer and praise should not be influenced by circumstances or events I see or hear, but I should be controlled by the mind of Christ, which only happens by keeping my mind on Him. Are you programmed?

I’m learning to not allow outside circumstances affect my inner peace.