Stop Blocking

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My devotional reading this morning had me laughing at myself. It spoke of how we get in God’s way. I immediately thought of my sons. As mothers, I’m sure we can all relate to this. As the natural nurturers we are, we often cross that thin line between motherly guidance and God’s plan. We do our best to shield, protect, and instruct our children forgetting they have some bumps on their journey that have been strategically planned just for them. They have some tears to cry, and they’ll have some challenging situations to endure. These things are designed to draw them closer to their Heavenly Father and strengthen them, but a mother will block the battle, the challenges, and the trials and tribulations thinking she’s doing what’s best for her child. 

I have to continually remind myself that my sons belong to God and He loves them way more than my mind can imagine. Not only do I have to trust the training I gave my sons, but I have to trust God with my child’s life. All the seasoned mothers, with adult children, have walked this path before and some are probably still learning to stay in their lane and to stop blocking. Yes, it’s much easier said than done, and I cross that thin line more than I care to admit. God gently whispers to remind me that He knows what’s best to prepare His children for the life He has for them. 

As Secondborn prepares for college and is DJing at parties in places I’ve never heard of, I’m reminded to stop blocking. Sigh…blocking is so much easier and makes me feel better, but I don’t want to get in God’s way or block the blessings divinely designed for my children. After all, I want what’s best for my sons and only God knows what’s best. Have a marvelous day and stop blocking!