Low Air Pressure

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Yesterday I noticed my tire pressure light was on. I really didn’t feel like stopping to put air in my tires. I usually just drive up to a tire shop and ask them to check my air pressure. It was Sunday, so those shops were closed, but when I stopped for gas, I noticed an air pump. There was one guy ahead of me and I wondered if he would offer to help me. Yes, I was being lazy – I did NOT feel like doing it. He made eye contact with me. I smiled, he smiled back and got back in his car and drove off. A car pulled up behind me as I pulled up to the air hose. A gentleman was at the wheel, and again I wondered if he would offer to help. He didn’t budge from his car. Well, I got my lazy butt out of the car and put air in my tires. When I finished, I felt a small sense of accomplishment because I found a little motivation within me to do it myself. 

Of course, my brain spiritualized my low-pressure tires. I could have kept driving with the low-pressure light and ended up on a flat, but instead, I restored the air in my tires. It’s like waiting for someone to encourage you. Sometimes we feel spiritually low, deflated, or maybe a little blah. We can wait for someone to say an encouraging word or we can encourage ourselves. People don’t always come through when we need them, so in this life, we better learn to do some things on our own and that includes lifting ourselves, praying for ourselves, affirming ourselves, and encouraging ourselves. We may not feel like it, but we’re only hurting ourselves if we don’t. We only prolong our peace and joy when we wait for someone else to share the Light when the Light is already within us. Check your pressure!