Who Are You?

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I remember reading that when we see an island, it may be the tip of a mountain and unless we dive deep – real deep, we’ll never see the mountain in its fullness. The same is with us. People only see the surface of who we are and if the truth be told, it’s quite possible that we only know ourselves on a surface level. To really know who we are, we have to go deeper – not into ourselves, but into a deeper relationship with our Creator. 

Our personality and individuality are only skin deep. The marrow of our being is with our Heavenly Father. Once we acknowledge that we are nothing without Him and can do nothing without Him, we open ourselves to His ways and thoughts. We surrender our will and allow His will to be done in us and through us. We become one with Him instead of being who we think we are. God allows our paths to cross with others who will introduce us to new ideas and invite new visions. There is a whole new world beneath the surface of the skin we live in. Our personality is that island everyone sees. If we allow God to take complete control and consume us with His Spirit, we’ll meet who we really are – without reservations and boundaries. Don’t settle on an island, live as a mountain.